The Value of Facilitation

Trust is the most important thing in a modern work environment. Organization must have trust in its teams.

Team members must have trust in each other. Lack of trust is the path to the dark side. How to create and grow trust in a group of people working together?

One way to start building trust is to give a team member a chance to start learning the fine art of facilitation. 

What is a facilitator? 

Facilitators come in many forms. They come with different backgrounds and various titles. One thing they should have in common is that they want to enable teams and groups to achieve the best possible outcome in whatever they are aiming for.

To achieve optimal results, they concentrate on the group dynamics. By utilizing various methods, they can get the quiet ones to share their ideas and put boundaries to the disruptors. A good facilitator can get the hidden knowledge of a team out to the open. 

Why should you use a facilitator? 

Workshops which are well facilitated will lead to better results. It is extremely important that all members of the group share their ideas, and this is where a facilitator can help. 

Transparency and being involved in the process creates acceptance in the result. Attendees feel that their opinions have been considered and they can commit to taking the decisions and plans further. 

Who can be a facilitator?  

Facilitator is not selected by the level of seniority or achievements in the organization. Facilitator is rather selected by personality.  One has to be able to create a positive atmosphere, be able to ask good questions and in a way lead the team towards to end goal by supporting everybody to think and share their feelings, ideas and opinions.

Facilitator’s role is not to be a subject matter expert. Facilitator’s expertise comes from leading the process towards group’s mutual understanding.  

Legos can be very useful 🙂
Tips for a beginner 

Step #1:

Create an atmosphere of trust. You can start influencing already in the event invite. You want to engage everyone from the beginning. There are several ways to break the ice, here are a few examples:

Step #2:

Choose wisely which methods you use!  Here are some ideas:

Step #3: 

Ask good questions and use positive commenting along the way to support the participants in their thinking. 

Go ahead now!

I dare you to start experimenting with facilitation! You might be surprised about the effects it brings to you and your team. 

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Anu Peippo

Anu has navigated the world onboard merchant vessels. Now she navigates forests on a hunt for wild mushroom. She feels privileged to have been given an opportunity to jump in to the world of product development and engineering.