• Anu Peippo

Saving time and money with technology evaluations

Päivitetty: 12. marrask. 2021

Gearing up product development means busy times for company key personnel. Building up the team, finding partners and commencing the design process can take a lot of time and energy. Groke Technologies wanted to focus on the actual product development and chose to utilize VTT SenseWay’s expertise in technology evaluations.

Hands on testing does the trick

Groke Technologies wanted to understand what existing sensor technologies they could utilize in their product development. VTT SenseWay gathered requirements from the Groke team and pre-selected possible suppliers. Our experts drafted test plans and tested the most potential sensors first in the office, and later in target conditions.

Requirements guide the technology evaluations

Our experts created material to provide transparent paper trail for Groke team to review. Technology selection was based on the test results, which were compared with requirements defined for the sensor technology. To guarantee perfect fit, the selected technology needed minor alterations. VTT SenseWay’s expertise in technology evaluations ensured fast definition of required changes and communication of requirements to the supplier.

VTT SenseWay has expertise in technology evaluations

How was the co-operation?

Juha Rokka, the CEO of Groke Technologies, was satisfied with VTT SenseWay’s work. “I could rely on VTT SenseWay team´s expertise in all phases of the development. They utilize System’s Engineering methods in their work which leads to high quality results. They designed their work accurately and delivered what was promised in time. “

Knowledge through documentation

An important factor in using outside resources in product development is to ensure that documentation is done with high quality. Value of the documentation is not the paper itself, but the hidden knowledge our senior level experts pass on to the customer through the documentation.

Groke Technologies is a solution provider and integrator for maritime Industry to ensure sustainability by providing customer and market focused solutions. The Company was established in 2019 together with Mitsubishi Corporation.