• Anu Peippo

Autonomy Development for Mining Machines

Päivitetty: 12. marrask. 2021

VTT SenseWay has been contributing to Sandvik’s autonomy development. Expertise in autonomy in demanding environments and great facilitation methods were the key to a successful co-operation.

From a demonstrator to a real product

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology had an autonomous mining machine demonstrator in September 2020. After the demonstrator co-operation with VTT SenseWay was started to speed up the autonomy development. Productization has continued and the features have been further developed to meet the customer needs.

How was the co-operation?

VTT SenseWay’s method is to engage a broad set of stakeholders in the customer’s team to get variety of views of the current situation. This leads to concrete results and provides most value to the end users through the whole product life-cycle.

Jussi Puura from Sandvik Research and Technology Development team talks about the benefits of the co-operation: ”VTT SenseWay brings expertise from autonomy development in challenging environments. They also have great facilitation methods to stir up discussion in the development team to make sure that the best possible technical solutions are taken in to use.”

VTT SenseWay is specialized in autonomy development

Designing systems for demanding environments is inspiring to our engineers. This specific case has brought some new ideas to their toolbox as well. ”It was great to work with Sandvik development team throughout the project. They were engaged and end customer needs were priority number one ” Jan Karsten, the project manager from VTT SenseWay comments.

Creating a solid foundation for autonomy development

Combining Sandvik’s know-how in mining technology and VTTSW’s autonomy expertise was a success. Work started by analyzing the current state of the system. Based on the vison of the future product, requirements were engineered. VTT SenseWay gathered the information needed to take into account the whole life-cycle of the product. As a result, the first features for autonomous mining machine were designed.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is a company that provides cutting-edge surface and underground mining equipment. They want to apply newest technologies to provide the most productive tools for their customers in the mining industry.

More about autonomous mining machines at https://www.rocktechnology.sandvik/